Thai Cooking Class & Traveling (Soon!)


Yellow curry angus beef rolls

Vegetarian spring rolls

Fresh summer rolls with peanut sauce

Long bean fish cakes

*Noodle dish*

Pad Thai

Pad si ew

Drunken noodle

Noodle in gravy

*Rice dish*

Pineapple fried rice

Crab fried rice

Vegetable fried rice

Shrimp fried rice

*Curry dish*

Yellow curry w/ bamboo/pumpkin/chicken

Panang curry

Green curry serve in rice noodle

*Soup dish*

Coconut soup w/ chicken

Tom Yum soup w/ shrimp

Tom yum soup w/ baby pork ribs

*Salad dish*

Spicy chicken salad

Spicy roasted beef salad

Mango salad (If mango's available)

                                Green papaya salad

Glass noodle salad

*Stir fried dish*

Spicy pork with basil

Cashew nut w/ chicken

Stir fried crab curry (If available + add 10 per person)

(Will update the menu again soon)