Hands on Thai cooking class in San Francisco/ Bay Area

Mama Thai Cooking Club Holistic Thai Cooking class
Tree flavor fish
Tom Yum soup spicy and sour soup with shrimp
cucumber salad
Pad se ew Thai noodle dish
Crab curry
sticky rice with mango
red curry with cod fillet
Vegetarian / Vegan spring roll
Learn how to make Pad Thai
Learn how to cook spicy baby octopus salad
Learn how to make coconut soup with chicken
Learn how to make green papaya salad
Fresh spring rolls

Mama Thai Cooking Club

* For private party please choose total of 3 dishes from our menu * 

Green curry serve with rice noodle
spicy beef with basil
Mama Thai Cooking Club

Hands-on cooking class in San Francisco / Pacifica / Daly city

All meat are Organic / gmo free / seafood are mostly wild.


1. Fresh Summer rolls (paw bea sod) + home made sauce
2. Deep Fried Spring rolls  (paw bea tod) (organic oil)
3. Mama Thai special Yellow beef curry rolls
4. Long bean fish cakes (tod mon pla)
5. Honey baby pork ribs / natural pork


1. Green papaya salad (som tom)
2. Glass noodle salad (yam voon sen)
3. Spicy pork salad / natural pork (larb moo)
4. Spicy chicken salad / Organic GMO free chicken(larb kai)
5. Spicy Angus beef salad (larb nuah)      
6. Spicy Mango salad (yum ma muang)
7. Cucumber salad (tom tang)
8. Bamboo salad ( soop naw mai)
9. Pan grill pork or beef with spicy and sour sauce / natural pork
7. Spicy shrimp salad with lemon grass.

8. Wild baby Octopus salad


1. Coconut soup w/ chicken (tom kha kai)
2. Spicy and sour soup w/ shrimp (tom yom) option mix seafood or chicken
3. Spicy and sour soup w/ baby pork ribs / natural pork
4. Spicy and sour soup with fish / wild fish


1. Red curry w/ coconut milk (panang gai) Options beef, chicken,shrimp
2. Yellow curry bamboo, pumpkin, chicken w/ coconut milk (gang gari kai)
3. Green curry  eggplant w/chicken (gang keaw wan)
4. Crab curry (bhu pad pong karee)
5. Mama Thai special Panang Wild Alaskan Cod Fillets or Wild Sokeye salmon fillets  or Wild Ahi Tuna.
6. Jungle curry w/pork and mix vegetable (option chicken)

7. Kao soy ( noodle curry soup with chicken)

Stir Fried:

1. Fried basil with chicken, pork, beef, shrimp or squid (pad kapow)
2. Fried chicken and cashew nuts (gai pad med mamuang)
3. Fried chicken or pork and rice noodles (pad si ew)
4. Fried chicken, shrimp or pork w/garlic and pepper(tawd kratiem prik Thai)
5. Stir fried drunken noodles (pad ki mow)
6. Traditional fried noodle with seafood,chicken (pad Thai)

7. Pineapple fried rice serve in Pineapple

8. Wild Crab meat  fried rice

9. Shrimp fried rice

10. Vegetable fried rice
11.  Red curry fried rice with ginger ( Kao pad king)(option chicken, beef, pork, shrimp)

12. Green curry fried rice (option chicken, beef, pork, shrimp)


Mama Thai special sweet sticky rice with mango.

Many dishes in the Full Thai menu can be prepared without carb- and sugar-heavy ingredients, and served without rice. 

Jirayu will tailor the dishes you select to your dietary needs, Gluten free, Vegetarian, Vegan, etc.