Shrimp fried rice

( Simple meal ! Vegetarian & Vegan friendly ! )

Tools: Good knife, Big cutting board

Ingredients needed: Will send via email after booking.

Zoom link: Will send a day before the class.

Beginner Class May 1st 12pm - 1pm

We are moving forward to a virtual cooking classes so gather family together for a unique Hands - on cooking experience of authentic Thai cooking class at your comfort home with Mama Thai (Jirayu). Jirayu teaches by combining a holistic nutrition into her dishes while everyone will enjoy the flavorful of the healthier version of Thai cuisine. Cooking club or cooking parties is the great way to bring  your friends, family, or co - workers together. Good for any occasion, birthday party, bridal shower, small team building event. The class  is a hands-on Thai cooking class each person will cook your own meal or cook with your family so that you can adjust your own spicy level. You will learn how to make curry paste from scratch when you are up to advance level / and more so get ready to roll up your sleeves.

Thai Cooking Class & Traveling (Soon!)

About Thai Food

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Upcoming virtual classes

One Time Class (19.99)

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Many people love Thai food, and for good reason ... it’s delicious! But most Americans are only familiar with Thai-Western fusion cuisine through  pre-packaged ingredients and are missing out on the full flavors and health benefits that authentic, traditional Thai cooking can offer. Cooking with Mama Thai’s Jirayu (that’s me!) offers students the building blocks for preparing real Thai food from scratch. We’ll instruct you in the health benefits of various traditional Thai ingredients and put it all together to ensure each student is capable of cooking several delicious dishes for friends and family. You will learn thai cooking using the mortar-and-pestle technique for creating Thai curry and chili pastes, fruit-carving and other decorative arts, how to shop for the best ingredients and other important yet simple ways to ensure your Thai cooking is great tasting, great looking, and almost completely unprocessed. With our building blocks, creating delicious healthy meals will be done in a snap. No more fussing around for hours to make dinner!  My philosophy is simple: When students are well-versed in the fundamentals of authentic Thai cuisine, they will be able to experiment with different ingredients and combinations, fusing what they like best about Thai food and other culinary traditions. Cooking with us offers Full Thai, Vegetarian, and Vegan, each according to students’ preferences and diet. Dishes not on the menu can also be taught for advanced cooking students. A few ingredients commonly used in Thai cooking, such as shrimp paste, take literally months to prepare. Instruction for making all ingredients from scratch is available, though most students may opt for buying certain hard-to-make items pre-packaged, at first.

Advance Class May 8th 12pm - 1pm

Pad Thai (Refreshing)

(Vegetarian & Vegan friendly)

Tools: Wok, Good knife, Cutting board

Ingredients needed: Will send via email after booking.

Zoom link: Will send a day before the class.